About Leicester Housing Authority


Leicester Housing Authority is a politic, corporate and duly organized public housing agency. State and Federal lawmakers promulgate rules and regulations by which the housing authority must abide. The authority’s funding is received directly from state agencies.

A five-member Board of Commissioners oversees the authority, providing leadership and advice and advocating for current and future housing. As public officials, they hold meetings according to M.G.L. chapter 39 sections 2B of open meeting law. Meetings are on the 3rd Monday of every month unless there is a conflict and are open to the public. We post all meetings with the Town Clerk at the Town Hall.

The Executive Director is responsible for the day-to-day administration of State programs. Together the Executive Director and Board form a powerful force in serving those in need within this community.

Board of Commissioners and Executive Director

Name                                           Title                               E-mail address

Andrew Kularski                    Chairman                     akularskis@leicesterha.org

Robert Small                       Vice  Chairman              rsmall@leicesterha.org

Robin Wood                            Treasurer                  rwood@leicesterha.org

Kathleen Drapeau                   Member                    kdrapueau@leicesterha.org

Ronald Salsman              State Appointee               rsalsman@leicesterha.org

Nancy Hagglund            Executive Director             nhagglund@leicesterha.org